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 “Remote Working Badge” is a digital label that organizations can use in their reputation building. Every year, in May, organizations can apply for the badge by sending us a self-evaluation report. Those, who qualify, will be announced in June and can, from there onwards, use the digital label in their communication materials. The label is valid for three years. After three years, organizations can apply for an extension. 

 The goal of the Remote Working Badge is to recognize organizations that are already using remote working practices and encourage the rest of the Estonian organizations to apply flexible working practices in their everyday work arrangements.

  • Best remote leader

    Organizations can nominate leaders from their organization for the title “Best remote leader” during the application period. Every year one leader will be selected and announced as “Best remote leader” in the PR campaign together with the organizations receiving the Remote Working Badge.

  • Selection process

    The organizations receiving the badge and the title for best remote working leader will be selected based on descriptions on the self-evaluation forms. The committee responsible for the selection consists of experienced remote working leaders, researchers, and practitioners.

  • Partners

    The campaign is organized in partnership with Elisa Eesti &  PARE (Estonian Human Resources Association).

  • Organizations with “Remote Working Badge”

     More than 130 Estonian organizations have an active remote working badge.

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