The Smart Work Association (SWA ) was founded in 2007 as under the name the Estonian Telework Association . The name change took place We changed our name on 2011.

The Estonian Telework Association grew out of two telework-related international projects, which were funded by the European Social Fund EQUAL programme, in 2005–2007:

“Choices & Balance” carried out by the Estonian Employers’ Confederation and partners, and
“Applying models of telework and flexible work arrangements on the islands and peripheral coastal areas of Estonia“carried out by NPO Arhipelaag and partners.

The Smart Work Association is an organisation that brings together all smart work knowhow in Estonia and offers various support services to parties interested in implementing smart working.

Our mission is to promote smart work in Estonia so that people can choose their preferred work arrangement and work place, increase the productivity of businesses by way of flexible work arrangements, help risk groups enter the labour market and retain talents who prefer working flexibly, and to help generate more livelihoods in rural communities.

Our fields of activity are training and consultation to employers and employees, supporting and organising a network of telework/smart work centres and promotion of flexible work forms.  We have various regional cooperation partners all around Estonia.

  • Information service –one of the Association’s most important tasks is to provide information and spread knowledge on smart work-related topics. We write and publish articles, and organise seminars and other public events.
  • Training and consultation– consulting employers and employees on setting up smart work arrangements is a continuously developing service of the Association. We collect good examples and best practices, as well as lessons on where and why things have gone wrong in the past.
  • Supporting (tele)work centres – the Association offers assistance and consultations to local governments and entrepreneurs in creating local work and training centres.